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Don't settle for lowball offers from shady characters who plaster the city with ugly "wE bUy hOuSeS" signs. With Heeler House, you have better options.

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Selling is stressful.

    Waiting for a buyer 
    Keeping your home show ready 
    Inconvenient last minute showings 
    Strangers walking through your home
    Wondering what price you'll get for your home

Remove the questions and uncertainty about selling your home with Heeler House.


Choose Your Angle

We have three ways we can help you get the best price for your home with the least stress.

Home Exterior

Snap Offer

    15 Days To Close

    Low Involvement

Remove the questions and uncertainty in selling your home with our Snap Offer.

    Tell us about your home
    Meet with us
    Within 48 hours, receive an offer from us

Avoid the hassle of preparing your home for sale, setting up showings and waiting for your home to sell.

Home Interior

Fix + Flip

    Time Depends On Work Needed

    Medium Involvement

We can help you get your property ready to maximize its market potential. Need the cash? No problem, we've got you covered!
If your home needs a little TLC, we can provide the funding at no out-of-pocket cost to you. Payment and profits are distributed at settlement. Loan terms are handled on a case by case basis. With this path:

    The property is the collateral
    Payment and profits are distributed at settlement
    We'll even bring the contractors!

For example: suppose your home could sell for $350K as it sits. But with a little love ($40K in renovations), we could push the value up to $445K. At sale, we get our loan back, and you get more profit!

Home For Sale

List Your House

    Time Depends On Market Factors

    High Involvement

We are connected to a large, successful team of retail real estate agents, and if you want to sell your home through the conventional route, we can help you with that too!

    Meet with one of our agents
    Build a plan and go to market
    Accept an offer from a buyer and sell your home

At first, the very concept of selling your home may feel daunting. There are so many things to consider! But we are there for you throughout the entire process to make it informative, smooth, and even fun. We will be there as your trusted advisors for every bump in the road.


RECENT results

Our results speak for themselves. We've sold over 1,400 homes at an average of 97.8% of asking price - which adds up to $450 million in real estate.

Home After Renovation
Interior After Renovation
Home During Renovation

"The process was quick and easy. We were settled in 17 days!"


3713 Springdale Ave

Home After Renovation
Interior After Renovation
Interior During Renovation

"Heeler House was ready to take the property off our hands within 3 weeks. The process couldn't have been more smooth. We were informed the whole way through."


3818 Fernhill Ave

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Here's what it looks like to work with Heeler House Development to sell your house.

  • 1

    Tell us about your goals

  • 2

    We make a plan together

  • 3

    We support you during the process

  • 4

    Settle + move on with your life!

Pay It Forward

Most businesses are just in it to make money. At Heeler House, we believe in building communities, one home at a time.


Of Baltimore City Residents Live in Poverty


Of 3rd Graders in Baltimore Are Reading Below Grade Level


Is the Food Insecurity Rate in Baltimore


Of All Baltimore City Homes Are Vacant

Every community deserves a fair and equitable chance to grow and thrive.
Whether through the revitalization of a run-down house, or donating to a local cause, we are in it to make a difference. With every transaction, we commit to make at least a 10% donation to a local nonprofit.
Come join us on the road to a better world!


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